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    How To Have The Perfect Beach Day

    How To Have The Perfect Beach Day

    Summer; sun, sand and water, it’s a recipe for a good time! At Tucann, we know a thing or two about making your beach day an enjoyable one! Whether you’re heading out for a day at the beach or a week-long weekend vacation, here are our favourite tips to make your beach day a memorable one!

    1: Choose the right time to visit

    The time of year or day of week can make or break your beach day! To make the most of your beach day, timing must be perfect. Generally, weekends are very busy for the beach and it can be pretty damn difficult to find a park! If you’re able to visit the beach on a weekday, definitely opt for that option! If you don’t have that luxury, try getting to the beach early to claim a space.

    2: Keep a beach bag on hand
    Our next beach day tip is to pack a beach bag with your essentials. Bags that are designed specifically for the beach are generally made from water resistant material, these tend to be the best option ( but any bag can work ). No beach day is complete without a beach bag!
    Here’s what we suggest you pack in your beach bag!

    • Sunscreen ( duh! )
    • Sunglasses
    • Reading material
    • A plastic or spare bag to put wet swim shorts in
    • Water bottle 
    • Beach towel

    3: Enjoy yourself

    The most important thing to do at the beach is have fun! We have compiled a list of fun or relaxing activities you can do at the beach!


    • Read
    • Listen to an audiobook
    • Have an afternoon siesta 
    • Meditate
    • Sunbathe ( make sure you slip slop and slap )

    Fun activities:

    • Pack some beach games
    • Bring pool floats to the beach
    • Play frisbee
    • Bring your dog
    • Have a picnic

    No matter what your beach day involves, above all, you should always be comfortable. Ensuring you’ve thrown on the right pair of swim trunks to sport you through the day is key! Unlike any other brands, Tucann’s swim shorts are so comfortable, you’ll feel like you’re wearing next to nothing. You can even wear them to a bar or pub nearby the beach thanks to their quick drying properties and handsome looks! Sitting in wet swim trunks is never fun, so we invented an inner lining and quick drying capabilities to prevent it! A day at the beach wearing Tucann swim trunks is a day well spent. Check out our latest arrivals:

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