It can sometimes feel like the winter never ends. While lots of people seem to revel in cozying up in sweaters with steaming mugs of hot chocolate with twinkling fairy lights, many of us crave the feeling of the sunshine on our skin, the sand between our toes - preferably, with a cocktail or an ice-cold beer in hand. 

If you are someone who can't wait for the sun to come back, here are our tips for making the winter feel a little bit more like summer.

Listen to summer music

One of the best ways to get you in the perfect summery mood is to create a playlist that you can imagine blasting out on the Beach. Two of the best genres for summer are reggae and a bit of relaxed house - think Bali beach club or Ibiza chill out. Bob Marley is a great artist to shake off the winter blues.

Go shopping` 

Stock up on swimwear and summer clothes, so you are one step ahead of the crowd when the sun does show it's face. To be honest, though, you can wear our shorts whatever the weather - thanks to the four-way stretch material, they will be the comfiest pair of shorts that you will have ever owned. 

Pour the drinks

Step away from the hot chocolate and instead, break out the blender. Prepare some lush fruit smoothies and juices with fresh fruit, or create your own signature cocktails using some totally tropical ingredients. Sex on the Beach, anyone?