Peach Palms Beach Towel

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Stay comfier, dryer and sandless with our Tucann beach towels; created to make your beach days more enjoyable and awesome than before. 

Practical, lightweight, and big enough to cover you from head to toe, our sand repellent beach towels fit in a complimentary carry case so you can bring them to every beach adventure!

Made from a polyester blend, Tucann beach towels are super absorbent and dry themselves 4 times faster than regular towels, meaning you don’t have to put up with that damp, wet smell!

Thanks to their versatility, these towels are also perfect for the gym, showering and travel, due to their light, thin and quick dry nature.

Live colourfully with our double sided printed beach towels. You’ll never have to take the sand home with you again! Transforming beach days for the better, the Sunset Beach Towel is your perfect beach day companion. 

  • Super absorbent - Get dry in seconds
  • Quick dry - No more damp, wet smell
  • Compact & Lightweight - Fit’s in your bag
  • Sand repelling - Leave the sand at the beach
  • Full size - 80cm x 160cm
  • Double sided print