Men's Swim Short SALE! Boxing Day Sale is Here!

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How convenient that as the weather turns sunny, Tucann's Boxing Day Sale kicks off! Name a better way to start the summer. . . we'll wait! And if you didn't quite get what you wanted for Christmas, well, Boxing Day is the perfect time to buy and SAVE BIG!

Drop everything, we're giving you an early insight on how to make the most of our Boxing Day Sale!

Tucann's Boxing Day Sale starts at 8am AEDT on the 26th of December!

Our Boxing Day Sale ends on the 30th of December, that is, if stock lasts! Don't miss out, last time our men's swim shorts flew off the shelves! 

This year is our BIGGEST Boxing Day Sale EVER, with up to 40% OFF site wide!
No, you didn't misread that! For the first time, Tucann is discounting products UP TO 40% OFF!

We don't mean to flex, but . . . Tucann's are the BEST men's board shorts you will ever own! We even have 3000+ 5 start reviews to testify that! Imaging all of the places you could wear your new swim shorts:
- Sipping back a few cocktails in Bali
- Exploring the coasts of Europe 
- Jetskiing at the lake 
- Lounging by the pool with mates

And if that doesn't have you sold, we can guarantee this will:

Did you know?
- Tucann swim shorts are made of quick drying materials! You can jump out of the water and head straight to the bar without sitting uncomfortably in wet swim shorts!
- Tucann developed the first ever non-mesh inner liner! This means you don't need to wear jocks and your important bits are protected by a smooth layer of lycra.
- Our men's swim shorts have a dual waistband with elastic at the back and a drawstring closure at the front so they won't slip down when getting in and out of the water!
- Did we mention they have sand proof zipper pockets? That's right, our board shorts have a rubber lined exterior which helps keep the sand at the beach, where it belongs!

So, if you didn't quite unwrap the gifts you were expecting this Christmas, or have a Tucann Gift Card to cash in, set your alarms for our Boxing Day Sale! It's the perfect time to stock up on your summer wardrobe and make the most of the heat!

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