What Should a Bloke Wear on Australia Day?

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Grab your mates, pack your eskies, Australia Day is just around the corner, and wether you're planning to hit the beach, pool, head up to the lake or throw a casual barbecue, one things for sure; we've got the day off, baby! It's time to show off your national pride in Tucann!
With Australia Day falling on the 26th of January, the middle of summer, the sun is guaranteed to be shining . . . we hope ( Melbourne we're talking to you ).
As most people tend to celebrate the day by hitting the beach, or pool if you don't like it crowded, swim shorts are definitely on the "what to wear" list! But not any old swim shorts, we're talking about the swim shorts! We're talking about Tucann swim shorts!
Not only are Tucann board shorts extremely practical, they just look great! And if you're one of the many people who decide to spend the day boating at the lake, swimming or floating, well, they're the perfictal ( yes, we just combined perfect and practical into one word ) choice! Why? Unlike other men's swim shorts, Tucann's are designed by men, specifically for men, so we know exactly how to cater for your swim short needs; not too baggy, not too tight. Not too long, not too short. Just the right amount of stretch? Check! Comfortable? You bet! Quick drying? Faster than your mrs new dyson dries her hair!

Not only are Tucann Swim Shorts stylish and on-trend, but they're also made from high-quality, quick-drying fabric that's perfect for a day spent by the water.
One of the best things about Tucann Swim Shorts is the variety of designs and patterns available. From bold, bright prints to more subtle, sophisticated patterns, your sure to find the perfect pair for your Australia Day 'fit!

So if you've got plans, but no plans on what to wear, we've got the swimwear for your Australia Day celebrations, and even better, they're 20% OFF!

Happy Australia Day!
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