How to Choose Board Shorts

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BOARDIES! The must have summer item all men need in their life! An essential for water bombing, pool parties and hot summer days in general, men's board shorts are comfortable, practical and super stylish! 

Board shorts come in all lengths, styles and colours, and while the options are limitless, it can make decision making very difficult. So, what should your board shorts encompass? Let us tell you . . . 

Pockets are important:
Often over looked, zipped pockets are a convenient feature your board shorts should have, and if they don't, we suggest chucking them in the bin! A convenient place to store you keys, phone and whatever else might tag along, Tucann's zipper pocket are sand resistant, so you can keep the essentials safe and sand free!

Choose the colour wisely:
Rules do not exist when it comes to men's board shorts, but there are a few things you should consider! If you're looking for a pair of board shorts that fit with every item of clothing in your wardrobe, subtle prints and and plain colours are your answer! We, on the other hand are advocates for fun colours and stand out prints. It's always important to ensure your board short fabric is fade proof and will withstand the sand, chlorine, sun and salt water, regardless of their colour!

Board shorts with inner liner are essential:
The most important asset of them all - compression lined board shorts! It is crucial that your mens board shorts have a liner. This offers additional support, security, comfort and the best part - no jock needed! Avoid mesh liners like they are the plague!!! They often will cause chafing, rash and irritation and offer very little protection and comfort. Tucann's chafe free liner is silky, soft and secure, stopping the sand from getting in and keeping the goods safe!

Wetness goodbye, hello quick dry:
Ever sat in wet board shorts on your drive home from the beach? Yep, it's pretty uncomfortable! And the smell . . .  Yuck! Tucann's quick drying board shorts are a MUST for the summer. The fast drying technology allows the material to dry in minutes. Minimal dry time = more fun in the sun! 

So gents, there you have it, the perfect board shorts FOUND, and available in 100+ prints too! SHOP NOW


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