Colourful Swim Shorts for an Australian Summer

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Colourful swim shorts have made a huge comeback on the shores of Australia, and we're here for it! With summers full of turquoise waters and pastel sunsets, why not grab yourself a pair of swim shorts that reflect the colours of warm, balmy, summer nights?
All too often men reach for the same black, white or pin striped swim shorts to hit up their favourite beach or mates pool, however adding a pop of colour might be exactly what your summer wardrobe means? Anyway, we're sure you've had enough of the neutral colours coming out of winter, so colourful swim shorts might be just what the doctor ordered!

Let us walk you through the coolest colour trends for summer 2022!

Pink Swim Shorts:
Perhaps one of the most underrated colours, men's pink swim shorts are a summer trend that deserved more attention. There are definitely a lot safer options to wear, but we promise you won't regret this purchase! P.s. women love men in pink swim shorts!

Blue Swim Shorts:
The most popular colour of summer and for good reason; blue swim shorts are flying off the shelves, ahead of any other colour! Easily paired with a white button down and a pair of shades, blue swim shorts are definitely the most versatile colour to wear.

Gold Swim Shorts:
Got plans this summer? You need a pair of gold swim shorts! Future proof your summer wardrobe with elevated swim shorts that will take you from beach club to bar without needing to change! Gold swim shorts are certainly the most dressy - gold details and luxurious patterns - if your looking for a pair of luxury mens swim shorts, these will do!

Multi-coloured Swim Shorts:
Finding it hard to land on one colour? Why not have them all in one pair of swim shorts! Patterned swim shorts are fun and a playful way to dress up your summer wardrobe. Did we mention they're a great conversation starter? ( thank us later )

At Tucann, there are no rules! Regardless of what style or colour swim shorts you decide to wear, there is one thing we require - wear them with confidence!

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