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Summer is coming in hot down under and you know what that means; it's time to whip out your favourite swim shorts, we're heading to the beach! Flock off the boring and over worn swim shorts from the years before, it's time to invest in the BEST compression lined swim shorts. You ( and your balls ) will thank us later!

Let's face it, we all like to look good wearing swimwear, but beyond appearance, functionality and comfortability is they key to enjoying the sun filled days! Luckily, we're here to guide you through the world of swimwear, swims shorts, swim trunks, board shorts, heck, whatever you want to call them!
Whatever your summer entails, it's pretty clear that your swim shorts need to be flexible and stretchy, accomodate the the meat and veg, and be resilient enough to withstand the sun, sand, chlorine and salt water.

Tucann swimwear Australia is more than just a pair of swim shorts; innovation is at the forefront of our design process, and we are always looking at new technologies and material compositions that will take our swim shorts to another level! We are leaders in comfort, practicality and aesthetics. 

So, what are the most crucial and important things to consider when looking for the perfect pair? We'll break it down and give you our expert styling tips!

A pair of short mens swim shorts should show off your best assets and confidence!

A waistband is what is going to offer you support, peace of mind and ultimately is what's stopping your swim shorts from falling down when getting out of the water. Tucann swimwear Australia has really advanced our swim shorts waistband capabilities, stepping away from the traditional, standard waistband to a half elasticated back companioned with a drawstring front closure to ensure your shorts aren't going anywhere without you! 

Inner liner:
The most important component to consider when looking for that perfect pair is an additional layer of protection and comfort to accomodate your junk! Tucann swimwear Australia designed the first ever non-mesh compression lined swim shorts which has been the leading remedy for eradicating chaffing associated with swimwear. FACTS! The unfortunate truth is; a lot of men struggle with discomfort, irritation and constantly having to rearrange to be comfortable in shorts; not allowing the shorts to perform their one most important job - being comfortable for YOU! Our custom are our biggest advocates, stating that "The liner is comfortable and so much better than those old mesh ones."

Zipped pockets
Nothing will go missing throughout your summer filled activities, all thanks to our innovative rubber zipped pockets which keep the sand out and your valuables in! You no longer have to ask the missus if you can chuck your phone or wallet into her bag, Tucann swimwear Australia offers large pockets, big enough to accomodate the latest iPhone and Samsung. ( Just don't forget to take them out before you go swimming ).

Quick drying  
There's nothing more uncomfortable than sitting in soaking wet swim shorts that stubbornly cling to your legs - we would know, we've been there, which is why Tucann swimwear Australia developed quick drying swim shorts! Our material dries in minutes, so you don't have to sit uncomfortably in wet, sloppy things that take ages to dry! ( it also makes the washing easy! ).

Above all, a pair of mens swim shorts should show off your best assets and confidence and should NEVER compromise comfort.
Do yourself a favour and try the BEST and MOST comfortable swimwear in Australia. We are so confident you'll love Tucann, so much so that if you don't, we'll refund your order with with no hesitation!

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