Waterparks of the World You Need to Visit!

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The ocean can be a lot of fun, especially when you are participating in the numerous water sports that are available in the water... but have you ever considered vacationing at one of the worlds major waterparks? There are more waterparks than you think, but a few of them are filled with so much fun and adventure that they need to make your must-visit list sooner than later!

Waterparks of the World You Need to Visit

Aquaventure in Paradise Island, Bahamas

Out on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, the massive resort, Atlantis, has created an adrenaline-filled waterpark. The entire park covers one hundred and forty-one acres, which means that you will have plenty of options when you are there.  Once you put on your swim trunks, head over to the Leap of Faith.  It is there that you will start up inside a Mayan Temple before being dropped through a clear tunnel into a lagoon filled with sharks.  Grab your friends next for a ride on the Challenger Slide to see who reaches the bottom first. 

Aquaventure Waterpark in Dubai, UAE

The worlds widest waterslide can be found at this waterpark in Dubai, as well as many other thrilling attractions.  Start your day off with a spin on the water coasters and pay a visit to Shark Lagoon filled with sharks and rays.  When you are done relaxing on the private beach, you may want to float along the more than two-kilometer river, which is more adventurous than it sounds. 

World Waterpark in Edmonton, Canada

Yes, it can be cold up in Canada, but that is why this massive five-acre waterpark is inside. In addition to the three-hundred-and-sixty-degree loop in the Cyclone waterslide, you can see that it is possible to play a video game while zooming down a waterslide, thanks to Slideboarding.  Don’t forget to tackle the FlowRider surf simulator and zip line and don’t worry, the hot tubs will be waiting for you at the end of the day when you are exhausted!

Tropical Islands in Krausnick, Germany

You are going to find that you are one of the six thousand people that visit Tropical Islands in Germany on any given day, but don’t worry, you won’t feel like you are surrounded by people all the time.  The waterslide tower is the highest in the country, but it is the Pororoca, which is a surf simulator, and it will have you in the water the most.  When you are done conquering the waves, the Whitewater River will seem like the perfect place to relax with some thrills along the way.  When you are ready for some true relaxation and sights that you have never seen before, wander through the massive rainforest.  There are fifty thousand plants throughout the rainforest, as well as more than six hundred different species of animals.  The best part about this waterpark is that if you are a guest at the hotel, you can enjoy the fun and excitement twenty-four hours a day!

These are the best waterparks in the world, so grab your swim shorts and head over to the one that gets your attention the most!  You will walk away with a new appreciation for the water and the excitement that it can bring!

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