5 Travel Destinations that are Too Good to Be True

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Massive mountains, shimmering water, soft sandy beaches, unique attractions, those are all things that can be found when you are traveling the world.  While any destination can bring wonder and excitement to your trips, there are five that are simply too good to be true!  Place these near the top of your travel bucket list and visit them as soon as you can! You won't be disappointed...


The 5 Travel Destinations that are Too Good to Be True

  1. Salar de Uyuni


Visiting a salt flat might not be at the top of your travel list, but this travel destination is really as amazing as others have said it is!  While you may not need your board shorts during your visit, you will still have numerous things that will captivate your attention.  The miles of salt will be fascinating, but not as much as the salt lakes that reflect the skies from above perfectly.

salar de uyuni


2. Cook Island


This island can be found within the South Pacific Island Group and it is the perfect choice if you do not want to deal with any outside distractions when you are away from home.  Despite the beauty of this island, not too many people visit, which means that you will have plenty of space to call your own.  Grab your swim trunks when you are packing, because the warm weather will have you swimming at any time of the year. 

Cook Island


3. Glowworm Caves


The Glowworm Caves can be found in New Zealand and they are just one of the breathtaking attractions that are available in that country.  In fact, it is all those places that make it seem like New Zealand is a travel destination that is too good to be true!  These caves emit a bluish-green glow that makes the stalactites look magnificent, while the larvae glows where they are growing.  The larvae do not live for very long in these caves, so you might need to return a few times before you see them in large groups. 


Glowworm Caves


4. Koh Lipe


There are so many islands in Thailand that are well-known and appreciated yet Koh Lipe is the one that is the most beautiful and amazing.  The entire beach area is always picture perfect and there is always a tranquil ambiance hovering nearby, so no one feels stressed.  Most people think that the only way they would experience a place like this is within their imagination, but you can actually experience this piece of paradise firsthand. 

Koh Lipe


5. The Maldives


If you want to island hop on your next vacation, then grab your swim shorts and head to The Maldives.  There are more than one thousand islands for you to explore and they all offer spectacular beauty along with mansions and an ambiance that you won’t find anywhere else.  These islands are the most visited ones in the world, so you won’t be alone.  However, there will be plenty of people to share the excitement of your adventures with! 


These five destinations might seem too good to be true, but upon your arrival, you will find that they were everything that you were imagining and so much more!

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