Do your swim shorts have an inner liner? They should, here's why!

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Benefits of inner lined swim trunks!

Are you sick of your swim trunks sticking to your legs after getting wet? Are you over feeling uncomfortable and constantly having to rearrange yourself? If your swim trunks don’t have an inner liner, you’re really doing yourself a disfavour.

What is inner lining?

Basically, inner lining replicates underwear. It adds an additional layer of protection to cover the crotch area. This underwear-like layer is sewn into your swim shorts, so it’s time to ditch the wet jocks.

There are different types of inner liners provided by different brands, most importantly its imperative that you choose a pair of swim trunks that doesn’t have a mesh liner – these tend to be uncomfortable, abrasive and often become more of a hinderance than a benefit! With your next purchase ensure you have a pair of shorts which have a ‘swim liner’ one that is comfortable, non-abrasive and quick drying.

Inner liners are specifically designed to provide you support and comfort. As they’re designed specifically for the water, they’re likely to last a lot longer than wearing regular jocks under your swim shorts. That being said, the benefits of an inner liner goes beyond just comfort. 

If you’re looking for a more seamless experience in and out of the water, this second skin type inner liner is definitely something to consider.

Inner liners dry rapidly, so if you want to hit the bar after a day in the pool you can do so without missing a beat. Because of their quick drying capabilities, they won’t stick to your legs either.

You’ll also appreciate the generous amount of support inner liners have to offer as they keep everything in place eliminating the uncomfortable task of constantly having to adjust yourself.

Inner lining is a game changer. Tucann prides itself on our innovative products which provide ultimate comfort when it comes to any water related activities. Try them out for yourselves.

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